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We began our story as two friends who wanted a outlet away from the darkness of working on the frontlines of COVID. I (Morgan) am a full time hospitalist and was providing care in the ICU where my business partner (Lu) was working as an ICU nurse. It was her idea to go to our first training. So we took a weekend trip to Nashville for AAFE Level 1. We had such a great time that it didn’t take long for obsession and passion to take over. We continued to get more and more training any chance we could. We fell in love with seeing smiles on our patient’s faces which was much different than our experiences in the hospital. As we grew more in our skills, we also noticed that the industry wasn’t as transparent as we felt like it needed to be. We had a lot of patients that felt lost and or unheard when explaining their aesthetic goals. So we decided to create a space where people felt like their needs were being addressed so they could walk through life feeling more empowered than before they met us.

Full Face Consultation

After you book your first appointment at Empower Aesthetics & Wellness, you can share your concerns with our experts. We will provide you with a full-face consultation, understand your unique goals, and develop tailored treatment plans for your skin type.

Safe and Natural Results

At Empower Aesthetics & Wellness, we pride ourselves on delivering safe and natural results. Our mission is to make you look and feel the best while prioritizing your health and safety.


AAFE Certified

With our professionals, you can rest assured that a certified nurse and medical doctor are performing your injections since we are trained through AAFE and continuing education with Allergan. We can efficiently avoid and treat complications with the most comprehensive and up-to-date skill sets.


Morgan Blanton , DO, MS

Luwanna Callebs, RN

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Morgan Blanton, DO, MS

   -Dr Blanton graduated medical school in 2016. Afterwards, she completed a residency in internal medicine where she was also chosen as Chief Resident during her last year of training. Her primary focus has been in hospital/intensive care medicine. After working on the front lines during the COVID pandemic, she wanted to pursue an area of medicine that was more uplifting.  When introduced to the world of aesthetic medicine, she quickly fell in love with the field as it combined her passion for procedures with artistry.  She has a devotion to education and loves empowering her clients with knowledge about the services they are receiving.

Luwanna Callebs, RN

Luwanna is a registered nurse and has spent years working as a nurse in several different areas including Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care. Her skill with a needle is unparalleled.  She has always had a great love of aesthetics, which allows her to combine her attention to detail with her procedural skills. She loves developing friendships with clients and helping them to become empowered.

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